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"True Masters of their craft."

"I have recommended Bender and Rocap for years :)"

"Bender and Rocap have been an excellent academic resource and support system for my daughters.  In fact, my eldest daughter has excelled academically in college, in part because of the support, guidance and genuine attention she received for four years at B and R. My youngest daughter began her tutoring while in middle school, and continues to work with the office today.  She, too, has excelled academically.  In my humble opinion, B and R are truly the Gold Standard when it comes to tutoring."

"We have been using Bender and Rocap for over 6 years.  They have provided excellent education support to both of my girls.  From math to ACT/SAT support.  Each tutor has been well suited to both the subject needed and the girls' individual needs.  I have recommended Bender and Rocap to many of my friends." Jackie

"I feel the tutors are genuinely concerned about my daughter's progress.  She has gained confidence and experienced positive results." LMC

"Math is a challenge for our family and Bender and Rocap make the subject manageable and successful.  Thank you for helping us achieve better grades!"

" I wish I had found you guys sooner!"

"You provide a wonderful service and helped both of my kids substantially - I think you should point out how kids do scholarship wise to college - meaning maybe I paid a $1000 in tutoring but it paid off with a bigger scholarship to college! Just a thought..."

"I feel that our Bender and Rocap tutor is very knowledgeable in her subject area, genuinely concerned about my daughter's academic progress, reliable in terms of appointment times, and friendly and approachable in her tutoring."

"We have used B and R for numerous subjects as well as ACT and SAT tutoring.  My boys have benefited from the tutoring in each subject as well as significant test score improvement for  ACT/SAT tests.  Every tutor has given each of my children a confidence in the subject they are working on at the time."

"My daughter struggled with confidence in math.  Bender and Rocap provided her with the confidence and the skills to move forward. We used the services for ACT prep and her scores increased so much! The tutoring is worth every penny!" GB

"They are the best people and tutors in the world." DB