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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What qualifications do your tutors have?

Most of our tutors are licensed teachers, some of whom currently teach and others who no longer teach in a school.  Our other tutors all have at least a Bachelor's degree in the content area as well as experience as tutors.

What subjects do your tutors help with?

We have tutors who can help you with all areas of English from middle school through AP English, study skills, Spanish, French, Latin, English as a new language, all levels of math from Pre-Algebra through Calculus, most high school science subjects from Biology through AP Chemistry and AP Physics, and standardized tests.

How do I get a tutor?

We offer several ways for you to talk with someone about the help you want and to explore your options:

  • Go to our Contact Us Page and submit the form

  • email Maggie Lewis McKenna, our office manager, at

  • call our office: 317-205-9215

  • We will get back to you as quickly as we can, normally within 48 hours to requests we receive Sunday through Thursday, and by Monday for requests we receive on Friday or Saturday

Can I work with the same tutor again?

When we arrange sessions, we schedule the same tutor to see you each time. Once you begin seeing your tutor, you and your parents will communicate with the tutor directly to ask questions and to ask to change the session time or cancel a session.

My assignments are online; can I use my laptop or iPad while I work with my tutor?

We have secure Wi-Fi connection, so you will be able to use your laptop or iPad to access your class information, and you should be sure to bring the laptop or iPad to each session.  We can use one of our computers to print off worksheets or assignments, but please try to remember to print them before you come when possible.

What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?

We schedule students for one hour or 45 minute sessions. Most students seeking help with school subjects want to come for tutoring once a week. We schedule our students to see the tutor the same day(s)/times each week.  Most students want to be tutored for the entire school year, but as long as we receive advance notice, students can cancel future sessions.

Students who come for test prep tutoring can schedule just a few sessions or ask for sessions that span several months.

When students call for an extra session right before a test, we will do our best to fit them into the schedule, but we cannot guarantee we will have a tutor available.

How much does it Cost?

Please refer to our Fees page