What to Expect: We offer one-on-one tutoring for both the SAT and ACT.  Our tutors are subject specific, so students work with both a math tutor and an English tutor.  In our one-on-one sessions, we always cover test -taking strategies and each session is individualized for the student.  For both tests, the tutors will review concepts in math, grammar, and other areas when needed. For the ACT, the tutors help students prepare for the Science section. Before the test, the tutors remind each student of the structure of the test and repeat strategies and tips for each section. We use the official study guides published by the College Board for the SAT test and by American College Testing for the ACT test. Each one hour session is $60, plus a one-time charge of $30 for the ACT test prep book and/or $20 for the SAT test prep book.

When to take the tests: Students who have completed Geometry and both years of Algebra will have all the math they need to take the tests in the Fall/Winter.  Since Geometry and Algebra II skills are need for both tests, students who are taking Algebra or Geometry as juniors will want to wait until Spring. Something to keep in mind: preparing for both tests at one time is difficult for most students.  Because the tests are very different and require different strategies, almost all of our students prefer to prepare for one test at a time.  If students want to take both tests, we advise they do not schedule the test dates close together.

Test Prep Class: Once a year starting in January, we offer our SAT prep class to prepare for the March SAT.  The class is limited to 14 students and meets on Saturdays.  Look for more details in the beginning of November.